May 2, 2010

Ass Jiggle In Spandex

This is the most jiggly ass that I've ever seen. Personally, I think it's a near perfect ass. Maybe if it was slightly bigger and more bubbly but either way I was floored when I watched the footage. Her butt cheeks go in and out like 4 times in one step! Has to be one of the best candid ass videos I've ever shot. Hope you enjoy!

Full Video: Tight Spandex Teen Password

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Street Booty

This Street Booty sampler contains a ton of clips from about 30 of the videos featured on the website. Clips include short shorts, tight spandex, tight leggings, tight jeans, skirts and more. Hope you enjoy!

April 30, 2010

Tight White Pants Blonde Ass

This hot blonde teen had a superb ass and you could see her thong peaking through almost. I felt a little creepy following her so much but I got a TON of footage and you'll probably be thankful for that. Enjoy her, boys! ;)

Full video: Hot teen ass candid video

Candid Asses

This clip is a compilation of three girls. The first has a huge bubble butt ass in some tight black pants. I don't know how her ass got that shape and yet the rest of her body is really skinny.

The next girl seemed to be from South America and was wearing some skin tight white spandex pants. Had a pretty good butt. During the filming of her, a super hot chick in tight white short shorts walked by and had to start filming her!

Here's the link to the full video: Tight white spandex ass & more